Tomasita's beer, house margarita and a frozen margarita The Swirl

Santa Fe was part of Mexico until the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848 ended the Mexican American War. Santa Fe was the first city in the New World to import tequila from Mexico. Therefore, it is natural that Santa Fe has a long history of importing the finest tequilas from Mexico. Tomasita’s carries on the fine tequila tradition for the best frozen margaritas in Santa Fe.

Ahh, that taste! Fine smoky tequila and limey sweet and sour! Unparalleled in the world of fine cocktails, the cold margarita cocktail tastes delicious with our hot and spicy New Mexican fare.

No finer example of the quintessential and authentic margarita exists than those created at Tomasita’s. Ask any local, who makes the best margaritas in Santa Fe? Tomasita’s!


Tequila is made from the fermented root of the agave using a double distillation process. There are three types of tequila that we use, depending upon your tastes and preference:

  • Blanco (silver) tequila: a young and clear tequila.
  • Reposado (rested): tequila which has been stored in a barrel for two to twelve months.
  • Añejo (aged): tequila which has been similarly stored as reposado, but for over a year.

The barrels in which the tequilas are refined are made of different woods. Oak barrels are the most common. The host barrels first are typically used to store whisky or wine, adding subtle flavors to the tequilas as they refine. Thus, the barrels make each brand and each batch of aged tequila unique.

Types of Margaritas

For enthusiasts of traditional margaritas, we have a wide variety of delicious margarita concoctions from our extensive selection of tequilas. Tequila is the heart of any true margarita. Try our tequilas cool and straight with smooth, smoky flavors, or in a classic margarita!

In addition to our extensive selection of tequilas, we proudly offer The Swirl. The Swirl is our unique frozen concoction of sweet deliciousness, and it is simply the best frozen margarita in town. 

We  also mix a variety of sweet margaritas for discerning tastes. We create flavorful tequila mixes, such as Hornitos Reposado, Chambord, strawberries, and lemon juice.

House Margarita

Our delicious house margarita, the Gold Coin, is made with silver tequila and fresh in-house made sweet and sour. It is served on the rocks, and is available in half liter or liter sizes. Locals and tourists alike love our simple house margarita with the perfect blend of tequila, fresh lime juice, and salt. 

Grand Gold Margarita

The Grand Gold is one of our signature margaritas, made with our secret recipe. It includes Grand Marnier, 1800 Reposado tequila, Curaçao, house-made sweet and sour, and more (secret!). It is served on the rocks.

Silver Coin

Created for the margarita connoisseur using our house-made sweet and sour, enjoy our Silver Coin! 

This classic margarita is made with Herradura Silver tequila and Cointreau, hence its savvy tequila-lover name, “Silver Coin.” 

It is a delicious smooth accompaniment for a home-style New Mexican appetite, or to enjoy with friends and family at our classic bar. We also offer this margarita with 100% fresh squeezed lime juice. 

We also offer a Skinny Silver Coin, which includes just Herradura Silver, Cointreau, fresh squeezed lime and orange juice, and a dash of agave syrup. It’s a little more light.

Best Margaritas in Santa Fe

Our beloved margaritas are the perfect match for our zesty home style dishes. They are perfectly complemented by the elegance of fine tequila, mixed with traditional ingredients. 

We pride ourselves on remaining true to our Tomasita’s history and traditions. We never substitute wine or gin for tequila in any of our classic margaritas. Tomasita’s uses barrel-aged tequilas only.

Trendy margaritas abound these days, but they don’t taste much different from other cocktails mixing multiple ingredients. However, our margaritas exemplify the original taste and charm with which the traditional margarita was created. Come taste the experience of history and tradition at Tomasita’s!