Tomasita’s has a long tradition in Santa Fe with tequila. Mexican law states that tequila, in order to be labeled as such, has to be made from the blue agave plant and can only be produced in certain areas of the country. Not so with mescal, which can be made from over 30 varieties of the desert plant, including blue agave. 

So all tequila is mescal, but not all mescal is tequila. In order to be called “tequila” the drink must contain 51% agave. However, all of the tequilas we use in our margarita are made from 100% agave. The only non 100% agave tequila in the building is Jose Cuervo, which we keep around for old times’ sake.

There are three types of tequila:

  • Blanco (silver tequila) which is young and clear;
  • Reposado (rested) which has been stored in a barrel for two to twelve months; and
  • Añejo (aged) which has been similarly stored, but for over a year.

The barrels are made of different woods (oak being the most common) and have typically been used to store whisky or wine. It is the ‘host’ barrel that makes each brand and each batch of aged tequila unique.

In addition to our extensive selection of tequilas, we at Tomasita’s and the Atrisco Café are proud to offer our exclusive Patron Añejo tequila, especially bottled for us by Patron. Aged in a barrel made from used American and French oak, we think its smooth, smoky flavor is just the best. Whether you try it straight, or in a margarita, we hope you agree!

Make sure to try Tomasita’s house margarita, the Gold Coin Margarita. It is one of our signature drinks made with our secret recipe including Grand Marnier, reposado tequila, curacao, house-made sweet and sour, and more.

For those margarita connoisseurs, be sure to make your way along the Santa Fe Margarita Trail. Consisting of forty eight different margaritas to sample as well as some of the best Mexican food you can find. A complete list of stops can be found at the Santa Fe Visitors Center where you can also pick up your very own Margarita Trail Passport.

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Tomasita's House Margarita's