Nothing complements the spicy taste of Tomasita’s green or red chile like a great margarita. Whether enjoying a simple green chile chicken enchilada or a super combo with Christmas chile, a margarita makes the dinner complete.

Tomasita's beer, house margarita and a frozen margarita The Swirl

What is the perfect margarita?
To a traditionalist, the ideal margarita features a balance of three basic ingredients: quality tequila, sweet and sour (a mix of lime and/or lemon juice with sugar) and orange liquor. According to some tales, this was the combination of ingredients mixed by Tijuana restaurant owner Carlos Herrera, when he created the classic drink in 1938.

Over the years Tomasita’s, has been voted the best for margaritas in Santa Fe many times.

To experience a traditional margarita, order the Tomasita’s house margarita on the rocks. Called The Gold Coin, it’s made with silver tequila, triple sec, fresh house-made sweet and sour and salt.. Tomasita’s also offers many more translations of margaritas from traditional to sour to skinny.

Check out The Swirl
To a traditionalist, frozen margaritas are basically a grown-up slushy. However, Tomasita’s invented The Swirl, a cocktail featuring their own sangria swirled through a frozen margarita. On a hot summer day, with its cheerful red and white stripes, The Swirl is the coolest drink for a hot summer day on the Tomasita’s patio. Tomasita’s lore is that The Swirl was created by a ghost or other supernatural being. Nobody exactly remembers who invented it or when we started serving it – we just remember it being there starting sometime in the late 1980’s.

Where to combine history, food and cocktails
As with any good mixologist, Tomasita’s blends quality ingredients in their margaritas, then adds conducive surroundings and friendly company. The entire experience becomes memorable. I always say a big part of enjoying a margarita is where you drink it – the atmosphere and company you are with.

Begin this experience when you walk into Tomasita’s Restaurant. Take in the historic, red-brick building that once was the station for the “Chile Line,” which ran from Colorado to Santa Fe. Join a diverse mix of tourists and movie stars, locals and state legislators from all walks of life. Order the best margarita in Santa Fe, and you have the recipe for a memorable evening.

Tomasita’s also is famous for traditional Northern New Mexico cuisine, which features New Mexico grown red and green chile, honey and other local products. Tomasita’s features live music on Thursday and Sunday performed by some of Santa Fe’s local musicians.

Santa Fe Margarita Trail

Plus, if you have the Santa Fe Margarita Trail App or paper ticket, you can also collect stamps for t-shirts and other swag while getting a discount our Gold Coin, made with Patron Anejo, Grand Marnier and sweet and sour. You can compare Tomasita’s famous margaritas to the many variations of margaritas featured at the more than 40 stops on the Santa Fe Margarita Trail.

Trendy margaritas abound these days with a variety of interesting ingredients, including every type of fruit from kumquat or pineapple to raspberry and strawberry, usually frozen.  However, the classics are the best. For a less sweet version, try a Tomasita’s Silver Coin made with fresh squeezed lime juice, Herradura Silver tequila, and Cointreau. This sour margarita has no added sugar but gets just a little bit of sweetness from the Grand Marnier. As you explore the many flavors along the Margarita Trail, you can decide whether you prefer trendy or traditional for your margarita. 

Tomasita’s margaritas exemplify the taste and charm of the original margarita. Come taste the experience of history and tradition at Tomasita’s.

George Gundrey

Owner and Manager