Red and Green Chile

Red and green chile is the heart and soul of New Mexican cuisine. We take pride in getting best chile available, and then respect it by not adding chi chi spices, flavorings, too much flour or anything else. Our motto is: “We don’t mess with the chile!”


Sopaipillas are something only New Mexicans really understand. Perhaps part of the reason is that rumor has it that they were invented right here in Albuquerque some 200 years ago.

Corn is Key

Corn is the backbone of New Mexican cuisine. Tortillas, tacos, posole, chips, tamales… the list goes on. We partner with La Mexicana in Albuquerque to make the best chips, tortillas, and products available anywhere, using non-GMO corn from Sunny State Products in San Jon, New Mexico!

CHICOS: Corn By Any Other Name

Tomasita’s and the Atrisco Cafe are among a handful of Santa Fe restaurants that list genuine chicos on their menu. And in case you don’t know, chicos are kernels of ripe sweet yellow corn that has been dried by traditional methods dating back thousands of years. Their full name, ‘chicos del horno,’ is a reference…

Keep Calm and Eat Beef

All our beef is raised by New Mexico and Southern Colorado ranchers and processed by Caviness Beef Packers in Hereford, Texas, just over the New Mexico border. Supporting local family ranchers is very important to us; we hope to you, too!

All Honey is Not Created Equal

Our honey comes from B’s New Mexico Honey Farm, a family owned business based in Albuquerque, which has been producing raw, naturally organic honey for over 25 years. “Nothing’s added and nothing’s taken out. It’s as simple as that.”

Margarita—it’s more than a girl’s name.

How everyone’s favorite Mexican cocktail came to be invented is unclear, since several people have claimed that distinction. The most popular tale credits Tijuana restaurant owner, Carlos Herrera, with creating the classic drink, back in 1938. As the story goes, it was inspired by one of his customers, an aspiring actress, who was allergic to…

Guacamole Goes Mainstream

The avocado, although savory like a vegetable, is botanically a fruit. Native to south central Mexico, it’s been around for thousands of years. As for guacamole, that was invented by the Aztecs, whose empire was based in Mexico from the 14th to the 16th centuries. Known back then as ‘avocado sauce,’ the original recipe, according to…

Las Posadas Santa Fe Style

LAS POSADAS (meaning ‘lodging’ or ‘inns’) is a centuries old Mexican celebration, combining Christian tradition with Spanish folklore. Traditionally held from Dec. 16-24, actors playing Mary and Joseph re-enact the couple’s journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem, by touring the neighborhood, knocking on doors, seeking shelter. A crowd follows, singing songs, asking people to take them in…